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Lukeville Border Closing Sparks Thousand of immigrants to Plan Crossings after Monday Dec 4

Thousands of undocumented immigrants are planning to cross to the United States through the Lukeville Port of Entry after Customs and Border Protection announced the closing of the border for both pedestrians and vehicles "until further notice" on Monday, Dec. 4.

CBP announced they will send the border patrol to other parts of the country leaving the Lukeville border unattended.

"This is a great opportunity to cross to the US" - mentioned an immigrant from Haiti waiting for the best moment to jump the fence in Sonoyta

Many people believes closing the border during the holidays is a plan of the US government to discourage citizens to travel aboard to spend money outside the country.

"What a gift, I'm so happy they are leaving the border unattended so we can cross easily" - Said a family from Honduras.

This is a possible scenario that can actually happen. Many businesses in both countries and many communities rely on the open border.

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