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What is a Notary and what are their functions in the State of Sonora?

Updated: Dec 13, 2021

Knowledge is power, and as many of you, I have been a victim of misinformation too. The information below is a quick and partial summary of the Notary Law of the State of Sonora translated from Spanish to the best of my faculties. This is the first article of the Notaries in Sonora series in this blog. I recommend downloading the full 36 pages Notary Law of Sonora

What are the functions of a Notary in Sonora Mexico?

Article 5:

· The notary is a law graduate invested with public faith, authorized

to authenticate according to the law, the acts and the facts to which the interested parties owe or want to give authenticity.

· The notary is in charge of receiving, interpreting and giving legal or voluntary form to the legal acts, drafting the appropriate instruments for that purpose and giving them authenticity.

Article 6:

· The notary in the exercise of his/her function, will legally advise the appearing, will advise them the most appropriate legal means to achieve their goal.

· The notary will prepare the documents necessary for the granting, draw up the instrument and explain the value and legal consequences of the acts and events that are granted or happen; he/she will take the signatures before him/herself, reproduce and keep the original instrument.

Other things to consider:

Article 12:

· The notary will act only at the request of the interested party. The applicants for the notarial service have the right of free choice of notary

Article 13:

· The notary must act impartially

Article 21 IV:

· The user must receive the original or certified copy of the document that accredits the payment, of taxes or duties, made before the municipal, state or federal, as well as the fiscal receipt of the payment of fees.

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